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Model M3000RS- for Stereotactic Radiosurgery


Applicable to Cyberknife, Novalis, etc.

With a water tank that requires only 3 gallons, is the first scanner to perform isocentrically, aimed at stereotactic devices (such as the Cyberknife or Novalis system).

It performs isocentrical scans via an ARM exclusive method, in which the tank and the probe move synchronically in opposite directions, keeping the SAD constant



Direct measurements of TMR/TPR and isocentric cross profiles.

Two synchronized motors move the tank and probe in opposite directions, keeping SAD constant.



Cylinder with synchronized motor.

Displaces the radiation detector 30cm from top to bottom with misalignment better than 1/10 mm.

Diameter- 19cm
Water required- less than 3 gallons.




Modules X, Z, Yrs. Except for the Y axis, all of the modules are the same for the 3D scanner model M3000.

Acquire a Y axis module and a larger tank to build a full size 3-D scanner for large fields.


Isocentric radiation beam measurements of small fields should be required!

Calculations of TMR/TPR derived from PDD are erroneous. Errors ranging from 2% to 20% have been reported.

Point-by-point measurements are cumbersome and time consuming. Average time to measure TPR at 12 points is 29 minutes.

Direct measurement with M3000RS is 45 seconds. Errors acquired from fitting curves to the point data are eliminated.


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