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The NEW, unchallenged A. R. M. SAD / SSD Mini-Scanner
Model ARM M3000-ISO



º Stereotactic scans IN THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME as conventional scans (PDD as fast as TPR, SSD as fast as SAD).

º Scan TPRs of 30 cm. depth IN ABOUT A MINUTE, NEARLY TEN TIMES FASTER than competing devices*

º Scan ranges up to 40 x 40 cm. with only 16 gallons (compared to 60 in conventional scanners); weight less than 300 pounds (compared to about 700 of conventional scanners). It makes big tanks and lift tables obsolete*


M3000-ISO, More Info

M3000-ISO, Videos and Media


* aproximate quantities
** The appearance of the device may change


Smaller: Capacity of 16 gallons vs. 60 gallons of water in conventional tanks.
Simpler: Build the scanner by assembling 3 portable modules.
Smarter: A click of the mouse and change it from Conventional to STEREOTACTIC modality (TPR, SAD profiles)

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