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No hassle: a water tank of only 16 gallons (compared to 60 gallons of conventional tanks) and less than half the weight; NO LIFT TABLES REQUIRED (click for more info).

Direct ISOCENTRIC scanning: No need to convert from conventional data, adding error to the results. NO OTHER BRAND IN THE MARKET OFFERS THIS FEATURE (click for more info).

Modular building: purchase as you need, after the basic set of modules required for basic procedures, and complete all modules to perform all types of procedures. Once you have the required modules, you can quickly build the scanner in-site with just the required modules for a particular procedure, in six different configurations (click for more info).

Quick and accurate: perform scans in isocentric mode as fast as conventional mode; a PDD as well as a TPR of depth 30 cm. performed in about a minute (click for more info).


* 4 Patents; leading patent No: US 8,602,647


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