This is a list of some of previous ARM models


1D Calibration Phantom and PDD scanner


1D Cross profile scanner



Shared some characteristics with modular models


ARM 2000-U


ARM 3000

Standard models also came with the 'M' variant, meaning they used the metric system


ARM M2000

Based on previous modular system, that allowed for easy upgrading to the 3D model


ARM M3000

Although the scanner uses stepping motors, the program allows to scan in stepping or continuous motion.

The leveling is done by leveling the mechanical part of the scanner, not the tank itself. Mechanically It involves a two point leveling mechanism, versus three or four points of all other brands.

The scanner automatically finds the center of the radiation field as well as any off leveling of the scanner or misalignment of the gantry Limit / Home , electronically controlled. Prevents any collision against the walls. All the scanner motions are driven by lead screws for high positioning accuracy and repeatability.


ARM M3000m


ARM M3000 with Thebes II


Dynamic Phantom: Patent #6225622

Performs cross profiles and diagonals, without using water. Slabs of solid water moving together with ion chamber, provide enough scatter to obtain cross profiles up to the field sizes of 40x40cm with equivalent results gathered with a large tank of water.